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charcoal portrait drawing of brother and sister

charcoal drawings

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Create a piece of art that captures the ones you love or one of life's special moments in a way that a mere photograph never can.

Simply send us a digital or paper copy of your photograph and we will transform it into an exquisite hand-drawn or painted artwork that you will be proud to display or present as a gift to others.

Please visit our portrait galleries for examples of our drawings and paintings.  Click the thumbnails on the far right or the links on the left to go to the galleries

original photograph

We offer 5 drawing media for your portraits.  

  • Charcoal portraits are drawn in charcoal on white paper.  

  • Spot color portraits are drawn in charcoal, but with one or two colours added to highlight a feature.  

  • Colour drawings are drawn in chalk pastel and are softer in mood than a painted portrait.  We can also use sepia-toned pastels to create drawings reminiscent of old photographs.  Examples of sepia-tone drawings are located in the Colour drawings gallery.

  • Oil paintings are painted in oils on canvas. Oils produce extremely vibrant, lifelike portraits. 

  • Acrylic paintings are painted in acrylics on canvas. They are a bit more impressionistic than oil paintings. 

We can combine people or pets from different photographs into one drawing.

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Suggestions for making great portraits:
  • Graduation
  • Wedding or anniversary
  • Babies and children
  • Family portrait 
  • Special events
  • Family pets
  • Sports moments

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